Sour cream cake.

Sour cream cake.

Sour cream cake.

Easy Christmas Dessert Recipes.

We need the following ingredients:

For the test:
• sour cream (20%) - 200 grams,
sugar - 1 glass,
• eggs - 3 pieces,
• flour - 2 cups,
• soda - 1 teaspoon of hydrated vinegar,
• cocoa - 1 tbsp. l,

For cream:

• sour cream 1 l (the more fat, the better)
• sugar - 1 glass.

For decoration:

• walnuts;
• dark chocolate.

Method of preparation, how to prepare:

Whisk the eggs with sugar and a pinch of salt, the mixture should become airy. Then add the sour cream and continue to whisk.

Gradually introduce into the sour mixture two glasses of flour.
Now add the soda. To prepare the cakes, use a split form.

Lubricate it with oil, pour out one second of the dough and bake in a preheated oven for about fifteen minutes. And in the other half of the dough, add cocoa and mix.

Check the cake first cool then cut along. At this time, in parallel, bake the second chocolate cake, which is then also cut into two pieces.

Now prepare the cream.
To do this, whip the sour cream with sugar until it dissolves completely. Spread the creams with cream, alternating the light crust with chocolate. Top and sides also cover the cake with cream.

This dessert should soak for twelve hours. After that, the cake can be decorated with grated chocolate and finely chopped nuts.

Sour cream cake.


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