Nut cheesecake recipe.

In essence, cheesecake is a curd souffle with crushed cookies. There are a lot of cheesecake recipes. The basis for our recipe is made from cookies, butter, bitter chocolate, and also a nut mixture.

The filling, as a rule, consists of cheese, cottage cheese, to which fruit, berries, cocoa, honey or vanilla are added.

There are also more exotic recipes, for example, cheesecake with physalis, shrimps, basil. Classic cheesecake is cooked without baking, on a water bath. In general, choose you!

Today we will prepare a nut cheesecake.

Ingredients for the recipe:

The basis:

100 g - Bitter chocolate;
200 g - Cookies;
150 g - Nut mixture: peanuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, cashews, peanuts;
50 g - Butter;


500 g - Cream cheese;
3 pcs. - Eggs;
3 pcs. - Yolk;
100 g - Brown sugar;
125 g - Fat cream;
250 g - Peanut Butter;


100 g - Bitter chocolate;
125 g - Fat cream;
150 g - Nut mixture: cashew, peanuts, pistachios, hazelnuts;
100 g - Sugar-sand;
2 tbsp. L. - Water.

Nut cheesecake recipe.

The temperature of the oven is up to 180 degrees. Then prepare a special round shape.
Chocolate with butter should be melt, and cut small nuts.

Cookies should be crushed to crumbs. Further, butter, biscuits, chocolate, and also nuts mix. Put the mixture in the refrigerator to harden.

Then take a large bowl and whip cream cheese, sugar, cream, eggs and peanut butter there. This mass is poured over the base, which has already hardened in the refrigerator.

Now send the form for 30 minutes. In the oven, then it is necessary to reduce the temperature to 170C, hold for another 20 minutes.

Take out the mass and cool, but do not remove the edges of the mold. Then melt the chocolate with the cream. And fill it with cake, leave it in the fridge.

Stir the sugar with water in a saucepan with a thick bottom. Then heat the mixture until the sugar has melted. But do not stir with a spoon.

And when the sugar will fire, it means that the caramel is ready. The mixture should be golden in color. Now cool it and mix it with nuts.
At the end, decorate the cooked mixture with cheesecake. Dessert is ready, good appetite!


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