Hot chocolate in Italian style.

Hot chocolate in Italian style.

Hot chocolate in Italian style.

Hot chocolate in Italian style. Delicious, warming and silky Italian drink.
A drink for children and adults, easy to prepare, slightly viscous, moderately sweet, will appeal to lovers of everything chocolate. It is based on cocoa with milk, plus a small portion of starch to thicken.

As a rule, the drink is served immediately, hot, but even after complete cooling, the aroma and silky texture are preserved. For best results, choose quality cocoa powder and cornstarch.

To make Italian-style hot chocolate, take the food listed. If desired, milk can be replaced or mixed with milk cream (10-20% fat), and cocoa powder with dark chocolate.


Milk - 300 ml
Cocoa powder - 3-4 tablespoons
Sugar - 1-2 tablespoons
Cornstarch - 1.5 tablespoons

Step by step recipe

First, we combine the dry ingredients: cocoa powder and sugar - adjust the exact dosage to your liking.

Pour 2/3 of the total volume of milk and send it to the overhead fire. Stir continuously, remove lumps (I advise you to use a whisk) and simultaneously warm up.

In a separate container with the remaining cold milk, dilute the starch, shake until smooth. Pour the starch solution into the heating liquid, continue to stir constantly.

Bring the hot chocolate to a boil and lightly thicken. We immediately remove from the stove. Pour into cups and serve delicious Italian-style hot chocolate to the table.

Hot chocolate in Italian style.

Hot chocolate with cinnamon.

A very unusual and sophisticated recipe for aromatic hot chocolate without milk.

Hot chocolate with cinnamon according to this recipe will seem very, very strange to most of us: "How is it, chocolate is without milk?" But this, just imagine, is not an invention of modern cooking and not some kind of experiment.

Hot chocolate, which was drunk in Europe in the 18-19th centuries, really did not have milk in its composition. It was cooked strictly on water. True, he was also not sweet yet. And initially - so strongly flavored that a modern man's eyes would simply jump out of their orbits.

I will not go into all these extremes, I will take only a dairy-free basis from the old recipe, and I will correct it in a modern way, so that it is tasty for a man of the twenty-first century.

My cinnamon hot chocolate is an old fairy tale in a new way, not an original historical recipe. By the way, if we talk about modern culinary fashions, then this is vegan hot chocolate (well, if you make it from black, not milk). Accordingly, it is also suitable for fasting. Even for those days when the use of oil is not allowed.

Since I myself still prefer dark chocolate, I don't need sugar in this drink. Those who like it sweeter - take either milk immediately, or season the water with sugar to taste.


Chocolate - 50 g
Water - 200 ml
Sugar to taste
Cinnamon to taste

Step by step recipe

Three chocolates on a fine grater.
Mix water with chocolate and cinnamon.

While stirring, cook the chocolate over low heat for about 15 minutes from the moment the chocolate is completely dissolved.

Hot chocolate with cinnamon can be drunk both immediately after preparation and the next day. If it is infused, its taste will be richer, cinnamon and chocolate will open better during this time.

Hot chocolate in Italian style.

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