Easy chicken breast recipes.

Easy chicken breast recipes

Chicken with Bazhi sauce.

Easy chicken breast recipes.

The main feature of Caucasian sauces is an incredible amount of spices and spices: coriander, mint, fenugreek, basil, thyme and dozens of odorous ingredients. In this case, most of them are added not for the sake of sharpness, but for flavor.

In Georgia, the sharpness of sauces grows from east to west. The farther from the sea coast - the softer the tastes become. By the way, hot pepper appeared in the Caucasian cuisine not so long ago - as in the whole Old World, after
Columbian expeditions.

Easy chicken breast recipes.


• 2 chicken breasts;
• 450 g of peeled walnuts;
• 2 teaspoons dried cilantro;
• ½ teaspoon of saffron;
• 1 teaspoon ground red pepper;
• 3 garlic cloves;
• 1 small onion;
• 4 teaspoons of hops-suneli;
• salt.

Cooking time - 1 hour.
Number - 4 servings.

Easy chicken breast recipes.


Boil the chicken in salted water, cut into small pieces. Nuts
rastolkite in a mortar or chop the blender into a practically homogeneous paste.

Grind the garlic. Mix nuts and garlic with herbs, salt.
Add a few spoonfuls of chilled water to room temperature, in which the chicken was cooked, so that the sauce has a consistency of liquid sour cream.

Pieces of chicken put in a pan, pour sauce, mix. Heat up to
appearance of large bubbles in the sauce.

Useful advice.

Bazhi sauce.

Spicy sauce with a bright taste of walnuts and garlic.
About spices is more difficult: some culinary schools insist on the dominance of coriander, and some extol the fenugreek as the main flavor for bazh.
Unlike many other sauces, Bazh often not brewed and boiled: all products come into it in its original form.

Cuisine: Georgian
To fried or baked chicken, meat, potatoes, pita bread.
Most Caucasian sauces are liquid, in contrast to thick European counterparts. It is in such refuellings that it is convenient to dunk lavash and other every day food of the mountaineers.

Easy chicken breast recipes


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