Dessert of biscuits with custard.

Dessert of biscuits with custard.

Dessert of biscuits with custard.

Dessert of biscuits with custard. Simple, easy and affordable dessert for adults (!!!). It can be made in one large form, or it can be served in portions - in glasses. For a custard cookie dessert, prepare the items listed.
You can take any liquor to your liking.


Cookies - 150-200 g
Liqueur to taste

Yogurt Custard:

Drinking yogurt - 250 ml
Chicken egg - 1 pc.
Sugar - 50 g
Corn starch - 1 tablespoon

Step by step recipe.

Make a custard.
Mix dry ingredients. Whisk until smooth.
Add the egg and stir again. Add yogurt.
Place the ladle on the stove, heat is medium. Stir constantly, especially working on the bottom, prepare the cream.

When the cream thickens, remove the ladle from the stove.
Cool slightly, stirring constantly so that a crust does not form, then start preparing the dessert.

Put some cream on the bottom of the glasses. On the cream - biscuits broken into small pieces. Pour liquor over the cookies. The amount of liquor is up to your taste. It took me an average of 1.5 teaspoons per layer.

Then on the cookies - again a layer of cream, then - cookies, then - liquor. Fill glasses to the desired level. The last should be the cream.

I added more chocolate drops.
Dessert with custard biscuits (and liqueur) is ready. Put it in the refrigerator for at least an hour to soak in the cream and liquor. Enjoy your meal!

Dessert of biscuits with custard.

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