Cream with milk chocolate.

Cream with milk chocolate.

Cream with milk chocolate.

A light and tender mousse cake with milk chocolate and cream on gelatin is a great dessert for tea or coffee.

Not so long ago I was preparing white chocolate mousse cakes. Well, today - mousse with milk chocolate. The principle of preparation is the same: we make a lot and add gelatin to it to thicken.

If you wish, you can add nuts to the mass itself, as I did - candied fruits, prunes, dried apricots, raisins individually or all together. I decided not to overload the cake so that the main thing in it would still be mousse, especially since it is unusually tasty.

I don’t add any sweeteners except chocolate to the cake: the taste is delicate and delicate. We need to use cream with a fat content of 33 percent or more.

I managed to pick up cookies of a suitable shape for the mousse cake, it fits perfectly into the cells. If you have a different shape or other cookies, then the cookies can be cut or broken, as well as use any kind of biscuit.

I bought the nuts, already fried and crushed, if you don’t have any, then it’s easy to crush the usual roasted peanuts with a culinary hammer to the desired state. By the way, you can add more nuts.

So, prepare a mousse cake with dark milk chocolate and cream on gelatin ...


Milk Chocolate - 80 g
Milk - 125 ml
Cream 33% - 280 ml
Gelatin - 8 g
Water - 50 ml
Crushed Peanuts - 20 g
Cookies - 60 g
Chocolate for decoration - 50 g

Cream with milk chocolate.

Step by step recipe

Boil the milk. Cut the chocolate or grate it to dissolve faster.

Pour hot milk. Mix to make the chocolate grains melt. If some grains do not dissolve, then strain the mass through a sieve.

Beat the cold cream with a mixer to the SOFT peaks. Pour gelatin with warm water and mix until dissolved.

Pour gelatin into the milk chocolate mass, mix thoroughly. Leave the mass to cool.
Before we combine the two masses, make sure that the chocolate mass has cooled, otherwise the cream may curl.

Add nuts. Gradually introduce the chocolate mass into the cream while stirring.

We got a light brown mousse mass. We fill the form, leaving a little space for cookies.

We spread cookies. It fits perfectly into the cells.
And from above we pour another spoonful of mousse into each cell. Mass was enough for the whole form and about 50 ml remained. Put the form in the freezer.

We take out the next day. We take out the frozen mousse cake from the mold.

Melt some more chocolate in a water bath to decorate the cakes, bring it to 45 degrees, then add a few pieces of chocolate and dissolve these pieces, stirring.

I melt 40 g of chocolate, plus a couple of pieces I leave to mix. This is more than necessary, some of this chocolate will remain unclaimed, but a smaller amount is inconvenient to drown.

We cool the mass so that it does not melt our mousse cakes. We place the chocolate mass in a pastry bag, make a thin incision at the end.

Put on the cake patterns that you like. You can skip this step and leave the cakes without decoration. Here are the resulting cakes in the context.

Mousse cakes with milk chocolate and cream on gelatin are perfectly stored in the freezer. But you need to remember that before serving the cakes you need to defrost for two hours.

We made a wonderful dessert - a great substitute for the cake, if you cook enough cakes.

Cream with milk chocolate.

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