Cottage cheese casserole recipe.

Cottage cheese casserole recipe.

Cottage cheese casserole recipe.

Today I want to offer all mummies and daddies a recipe for a delicious casserole. Children and adults just love this dish. The dish is low in calories and quick to prepare.

The dish can be supplemented with all kinds of fruits and many other ingredients that you may find at your fingertips.

In no case should you open the oven when cooking the curd casserole before the end of the set time. Otherwise, the entire mass on the baking sheet will drop sharply.

Cottage cheese for casseroles must be bought fresh. If the cottage cheese is dry, then it can be diluted with sour cream. Well, let's get down to cooking. And you will see everything with your own eyes.

Cottage cheese casserole with semolina - a taste loved since childhood! This recipe will make it easy for you to prepare a delicious fluffy casserole that will be a great breakfast for the whole family!

Cooking description:

Making a cottage cheese casserole with semolina at home is not at all difficult! Here is a classic recipe for cottage cheese casserole with semolina, which you can easily diversify by adding dried fruits or fruits to your taste!


Cottage cheese - 500 grams
Egg - 1 Piece
Sugar - 100 Grams
Manka - 2 Art. spoons
Soda - 0.5 Teaspoons
Vanillin - 1 Pinch
Sour cream - 80 Grams
Butter - 50 Grams (for greasing the mold) Servings: 3-4

How to cook Cottage cheese casserole with semolina.

Grind cottage cheese for 30-40 seconds on low speed in a blender or rub through a sieve.

Mix the egg and sugar. Beat the mixture well with a mixer.
Add semolina, vanillin and soda to the resulting mixture. Stir the mixture again until smooth.

To increase the volume of semolina, put the resulting curd mass in the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes. Grease a baking dish with a piece of butter.

Remove the mixture from the refrigerator and transfer to a baking dish. Spread the curd mass on top with sour cream.

Place the dish in an oven preheated to 180 degrees and bake for 25-35 minutes until golden brown. You can serve the casserole to the table either hot or cold, pouring with your favorite sauce. Enjoy your meal!

Cottage cheese casserole recipe.

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