Apple pie recipe.

Apple pie recipe.

Apple pie recipe.

Delicious apple pie.

Very soon, apples will begin to mature in our gardens. Apple pie recipe. You can prepare a variety of desserts from them. Today I want to offer you an interesting recipe for a pie with apples. Let's cook.

For the preparation of the test, we need 50 gr. Yeast, four tablespoons of honey (preferably liquid or melt in a water bath), 120 ml. Vegetable oil, 900 gr. Flour, one chicken egg, a little salt, oh, 5 liters of warm water.

For the filling we take-750 gr. Sweet apples, 100 gr. Sugar, a little cinnamon.
Apples mode on small cubes and put on the pan. Fall asleep with sugar and simmer on low heat until soft.

How to make dough. Yeast diluted with warm water, add honey and wait until the yeast starts to work. We sift the mousse and pour the yeast into it, put the salt. Stir thoroughly and only then pour in the vegetable oil.

The dough is well kneaded so as not to stick to your hands. The better we knead the dough, the more magnificent it will turn out.

We put the pan in a warm place for lifting. The dough is doubled, we again mix it and wait for it to come again.

The dough came two times and we divide it into three parts. Each part of the dough is rolled out, we spread a part of the filling on it, sprinkle with sugar, cinnamon, and roll into a roll.

Roulet is cut into parts in the form of triangles. We take the form and lubricate with butter. In the center we spread trimming of rolls, and round we have cut triangles.

Lubricate the pie with egg yolk or strong tea and put in an oven, heated to 180 degrees. Bake for thirty minutes, until golden brown.

We check the readiness with a wooden stick or match. Delicious apple pie is ready. It was tasty and beautiful. Have a nice tea.

Apple pie recipe.


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