Wet curd cake.

Wet curd cake.

Wet curd cake.

Wet curd cake. Homemade baking recipes.

An excellent recipe for a wet cupcake from cottage cheese, on yogurt. Enjoy this baking of your loved ones.


Cottage cheese - 350 g
Kefir - 5 tbsp. L.
Sugar - 3 tbsp. L.
Wheat Flour - 220 g
Baking powder for the dough - 2 tsp.
Egg of chicken - 1 pc.

Wet curd cake.

Cooking process:

There are many recipes for cottage cheese cakes. This bribed me with its simplicity and excellent result - the cake crumb turned out not dry, more wet compared to the usual definition of a cupcake.

Cottage cheese will suit both dry, low-calorie, and bold - the result will be equally successful! Instead of one cupcake from this test, you can bake small keksiki, but then you have to reduce the baking time.

In order to prepare a moist curd cake, take cottage cheese, egg, wheat flour, sugar, baking powder and kefir.

Combine the cottage cheese, yogurt and egg.
Put sugar here.
Stir not too zealously cottage cheese, yogurt, egg and sugar with a tablespoon.

Now pour the flour into the curd mixture with the baking powder for the dough.
Mix the homogeneous dough.

Oven heat up to 180 degrees. The resultant curd dough is placed in a small rectangular shape with rigid sides and put into the oven for 45 minutes.

Finished curd cake leave for 5 minutes in the oven is off, then remove from the mold and completely cool.
If desired, the cottage cheese cake can be sprinkled with powdered sugar, sprinkled with glaze and / or decorated with berries or pieces of fruit. Done!

Wet curd cake.


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