Viennese strudel.

Viennese strudel.

Viennese strudel.

The Viennese strudel is a legendary dessert. Viennese strudel. He has not a single decade excited the hearts and stomachs of true sweet tooth. Delicate puff pastry, which literally melts in the mouth. Also harmoniously combined with a juicy filling.

Easy apple strudel recipe.


2 pcs. - Zheltki egg;
250 grams - wheat flour;
2 tbsp. l. - butter;
salt is little.

For filling

1 kg - Apples;
Raisins - 100 grams;
Sugar - 100 grams;
Svezhie kroshki belogo hleba - 100 grams;

75 grams - mindal rubleny;
100 grams - butter;
2 tbsp. l. - Pudra saharnaya;
125 grams - cream;
1 h. L. - cinnamon;
1 PC. - Lemon juice.



Zameshivayu cool testo flour, soli, 125 ml of water at teploy, zheltkov and rastoplennogo slivochnogo masla.
Dough skatyvayu in shar, smazyvayu his rastitelnym maslom and wrap in foil. Ostavlyayu the dough into 1 chas.

Ochischayu yabloki, lomtikami their narezayu with limonnym sokom smeshivayu, dobavlyayu raisins and mindal all peremeshivayu again.
Obzharivayu kroshki belogo hleba in 1 tbsp. l. masla butter.

Testo knocks for shtrudelya for etogo with siloy brosayu on posypannuyu mukoy poverhnost.
Duhovku razogrevayu to 200°C.

Melt ostavsheesya maslo. Raskatyvayu thin layer of dough on the flour posypannom kitchen towel.
Dough smazyvayu half masla, zatem smazyvayu smetanoy after posypayu suharyami, raspredelyayu nachinku.

Posypayu cinnamon smeshannoy with saharom.
With a towel roll dough roll.

Kladu promaslenny strudel on a baking sheet and smazyvayu ostavshimsya maslom. Vypekayu razogretoy in the oven for about 45 minutes.
Dostayu, slegka cools and posypayu saharnoy powder.
All podat can be on the table.

Viennese strudel.

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