Viennese pastry.

Viennese pastry.

Viennese pastry.

The origin of the Viennese pastry:
For the first time a cookie called "Vienna Fingers" was release in 1915, the company KeeYeg, a division of Kellogg's US company. Thin crispy product pairs joined vanilla cream. His name, they are required to thin oblong shape with rounded sides.

Viennese pastry.

We will need these ingredients:

For the pastry:

125 g butter (at room temperature)
25 g of powdered sugar
1/2 h. L. vanilla extract or 1/2 sachet of vanilla sugar
1/4 h. L. baking powder
125 g flour
40 g starch
about 1 tbsp. l. milk.

For the chocolate glaze:

100 g of a dark or milk chocolate (to break into small pieces)

pastry bag with a large star nozzle,
2 baking.

Cooking method:

How to cook biscuits:

1 Preheat the oven to 170 ° C. Cut the butter pieces and mash with a wooden spoon or an electric mixer, beat the soft mass.

2 Sift the powdered sugar on top and vanilla extract or vanilla sugar, continue to rub or whipping cream until light.

3 Sift the baking powder with the flour and starch, stir.

4 Add the milk and knead the dough, stirring it with a spoon rather than rubbing. Weight should gather in a soft homogeneous dough. If it got too thick, add a little milk to make the dough easier to squeeze out of the bag.

How to bake and decorate cookies:

5 Shots 2 baking baking parchment. Fill dough pastry bag with a large nozzle-star.

6 Squeeze each pan 10 test strips measuring about 10 cm each at an equal distance from each other. You will get about 20 pieces.

7 Bake for 7-8 minutes until light golden brown. Leave for 5 minutes on baking sheets, then Transfer to cool on the wire rack. Melt, stirring occasionally, chocolate in a water bath (dishes with chocolate should not touch the water).

8 Shots baking parchment. Dip cookies at both ends in melted chocolate, let's drain the excess and lay out on a baking sheet until complete solidification of chocolate. Store in an airtight container.

About the dish:

Approximately 20 pieces
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 7-8 minutes
The temperature of the oven: 170 ° C

From the usual shortbread Vienna distinguishes a delicate crumbly texture. In combination with chocolate "tails" is a pastry perfectly complements the taste of coffee. Also, products are good with soft desserts - mousse, ice cream or fruit salad.


The dough should be soft, to be squeezed out of the bag, while thick enough in order to keep the form and not spread, so the recipe contains 1 item. l. milk, whereby the dough becomes a proper consistency. The finished cookies are very soft and crumbles easily, gently take it from the baking and dipped in chocolate.

Using the pastry bag:

In this case, the dough is very important not to spread with a spoon, namely pastry bag with a nozzle-star to cookies has become a ribbed shape. Place pastry bag with a nozzle stranded in high ware, laying on the container the upper end edge - thanks to this and hand free, and the instrument is securely fastened. Fill the bag with the batter using a spoon. Lift the pastry bag filled with the ends of the top, connect it to the edge, screw and push the dough down the bag to the nozzle. During the one-hand press down on the bag with the dough, the other - hold it down, closer to the nozzle, controlling the amount of extruded dough.

Chocolate "tails":

Before dipping the cookies, let the melted chocolate to cool slightly. Dip the ends of the articles one by one, giving each time to drain excess chocolate and a little freeze, so it is not smeared on the baking sheet, which you will upload the cookie.

Viennese pastry.


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