Viennese coffee.

Viennese coffee.

Viennese coffee.

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Preparation time: 15 min.
Number of servings: 1 pcs.
Type of cuisine: Austrian

Ingredients for the recipe:

Water - 150 ml;
Sugar - 1 tsp .;.
Dark chocolate - 10 g;
Freshly ground coffee - 2 tsp .;.
Cream 33% - 30 ml.

To apply
Cocoa powder - 0.3 tsp .;.
Cream 33% - 50 ml.
Powdered cinnamon - 0.2 tsp .

Prepare Viennese coffee with chocolate.

I offer to cook one of the variations of Viennese coffee. This Viennese coffee in Vienna itself is a mixture of coffee and milk, but in other European countries and in America under this concept to understand coffee with cream cap.

Now there are several options for making this coffee - chocolate (dissolve in coffee or sprinkled on top of the cream) and cinnamon, with lemon zest and cinnamon, with chicory, a syrup with powdered sugar.

I decided to cook Viennese coffee prescription Petersburg baristas. My Viennese coffee is chocolate. The amount of chocolate, if you wish, can be increased, then the chocolate flavor will be more.

I love to dominate yet the taste of coffee, not chocolate, so use a small amount. I am realizing this trial, because it tried to cook with a different amount of chocolate.

The result was delicious, generous, with a delicate chocolate flavor and delicate cream of coffee. If you are a coffee lover like me, I suggest master one more recipe!

Cooking recipe "Viennese coffee":

Viennese, we need water, sugar, coffee, freshly ground coffee, cinnamon, cocoa powder, chocolate and cream. First you need to make coffee esperesso, any way you want.

I'm going to brew coffee using the filter package and the cone-shaped cups. In a barista is a special funnel in the form of a cup, with a vessel bottom (kemeks).

I took the principle of cooking kemekse, using the means at hand. Dress filter glass. Now it is necessary to moisten a small amount of boiling water filter. The water is then drained.

Put the coffee (fine grind) in the filter. Add a little (20-30 ml) of hot water (90-95 ° C). Stir with a spoon.

Then topped up with the remaining volume of water poured a thin stream of water in a circle in a spiral. We look forward to when the water will pass through the filter. As a result, in a glass, get coffee.

Viennese coffee.

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