Vanilla-chocolate dessert.

Vanilla-chocolate dessert.

Vanilla-chocolate dessert.

A very simple and delicious dessert based on cream "Patissiere" with nuts. It prepares quickly and will become a godsend for any holiday.

But especially in the New Year, when after plentiful feasts I no longer want either a cake or pastries. The amount of ingredients is calculated in two large portions. Three may well be done.


Milk - 500 ml;
Chicken egg - 3 pieces;
Sugar - 100 grams;
Vanillin - 2 pinches;
Flour - 3 tablespoons;
Chocolate - 20 grams;
Walnuts - 50 grams.

Step by step recipe.

To prepare this dessert we take: milk, sugar, vanillin, flour, eggs, chocolate, nuts.

Cooking cream. We put a pot of milk on the fire.
In eggs, we separate the yolks from the proteins, the latter are not needed here.
Add sugar to the yolks and mix.

Then put the flour and pour some milk.
Mix thoroughly. Our task is to obtain a homogeneous mixture without lumps.

The resulting mixture is poured into boiling milk. Constantly stirring, bring the cream to a thickening. It will take a few minutes.

Divide the cream into two parts. Put vanillin in one and chocolate in the other.

We cool both creams and collect dessert. In a wide goblet or glass, we alternately put a light and dark cream, layering with chopped nuts. Garnish with chocolate and nuts on top.

New Year's vanilla-chocolate dessert is ready. Have a nice holidays!

Vanilla-chocolate dessert.

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