Three sea salads.

Three sea salads.

Three sea salads.

Three sea salads. Three great fish and seafood salad recipes. They are suitable for the festive table and for the daily menu.

The recipes presented here are easy to prepare, healthy and very tasty. In addition, the ingredients for them are inexpensive and affordable for everyone. Such salads can act as a snack, and as a hearty, completely independent dish.

Any of these salads can be seasoned with mayonnaise if desired. Lemon juice can be replaced with natural or balsamic vinegar. I recommend using salad onions, it is more tender and sweeter. You can also pickle regular or replace with green onions.

Seafood Salad Recipes

Neptune Salad

Ingredients (2 servings):

Fresh cucumber - 80-100 g
Dill greens - 1 tbsp. l
Boiled eggs - 2 pcs.
Cod liver - 120 g


Vegetable oil - 20 g
Lemon juice - 10 g
Salt, black pepper - to taste

Salad making:

1. Dice the cucumber and eggs, chop the dill.
2. Cut the liver into small pieces or knead with a fork.
3. Mix and season salad ingredients for dressing.

Three sea salads.

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