Thin pancakes with holes in milk.

Thin pancakes with holes in milk.

Thin pancakes with holes in milk.

Today we will cook thin pancakes with holes in milk, without the addition of soda, baking powder or yeast.
For the pancakes to be thin, the dough must be liquid, and for the pancakes to turn out with holes, the pan must be very hot.


Eggs - 2 pcs.
Milk (warm) - 250 g
Salt - 0.5 tsp.
Sugar - 2 tbsp. l
Boiling water - 150 g
Flour - 120 g
Vegetable oil - 1 tbsp. l

Cooking pancakes:

1. Beat the eggs with a mixer with sugar and salt. Then, continuing to beat at a slow speed, gradually introduce warm milk, add flour, boiling water and vegetable oil.

2. Heat the pan very well. This is the main secret of pancakes with holes - a hot pan. If you worry that the first pancake will stick to the pan, then grease it with a piece of fresh unsalted fat.

My mother taught me this method, and he always helped me out when vegetable oil did not help. Do not worry, the taste of fat is not felt. Lubricate the pan only once, before baking the first pancake. Further pancakes do not stick.

3. Take a small amount of dough and pour into a pan. We bake very quickly, as the pan is very hot. As soon as the edges are browned, turn over, bake for another 10 seconds.

Put the finished pancake on a plate, cover with a lid on top. If desired, you can grease the pancakes with butter, but they still do not stick to each other.

Thin pancakes with holes in milk.

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