The Ninotchka cocktail.

The Ninotchka cocktail.

The Ninotchka cocktail.

Easy mixed drinks.

The Ninochka cocktail is named after the main character of the film "Ninochka" (1939 with Greta Garbo), although many remember the cocktail "Black Russian" (from vodka and coffee liqueur). The juice of lemon or lime is at your discretion.

The list of ingredients shows the classic cocktail composition, but I depart from such proportions, i.e. liquor pour more or as much as vodka.


In the classical version:
Vodka - 45 ml;
Liqueur cream "Creme de Cacao" - 15 ml;
Lemon or lime juice - 1 tbsp. a spoon.

Pour a glass of liqueur into the glass or a glass. Add the vodka.

Squeeze the juice of lemon or lime and in the amount of about 1 tbsp. spoons add.

To serve the cocktail, the ingredients need to be mixed, but it looks pretty puffy and I like it that way. By the way, I also really like alstroemeria flowers)

The Ninotchka cocktail is ready. Pleasant mood!

The Ninotchka cocktail.



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