The classic recipe for mincemeat.

The classic recipe for mincemeat.

The classic recipe for mincemeat.

The classic recipe for mincemeat. Now we want to offer to your attention one of the commonplaces of mincemeat recipes. Do not forget that you can always make their own adjustments to the recipe for mincemeat, and this meal did not lose, the main thing to know in the whole measure.

There are many recipes for the «right» of the Odessa mincemeat. Perhaps every woman prepares it in its own way and will be foaming at the mouth to prove that it is a variation of her mincemeat — canonical. Perhaps the same in all Forshmak remains only in the presence of herring recipe.

Kindly pay attention to the fact that some of the cooks instead of bread added to the mincemeat boiled potatoes, other instead of an apple mince small fresh cucumber. Onions can also be used raw or fried in a pan until golden. It all depends on your mood and preferences. Be creative! And you are sure to get your recipe farshmaka.

Starters tasty and simple recipes.

We will need these ingredients:
• Herring — 500 g
• Eggs — 5 pcs. boiled
• Apples — 2 medium size
• Onions — 2 pcs. medium size
• Butter — 200 g
• Bread — 2 rolls

How to prepare:

Erase fine grater with a crust of bread rolls, the remaining crumb soak for a few minutes in the milk. Then press. Prepare herring, she pulled out of her bones and can cut into small pieces. Apple peel and seeds. Grind all the ingredients (except onions) with a grinder or blender. Onions finely cut by hand and mix with the bulk at the end of cooking. Put the prepared mixture in the fridge for a few hours. Serve with croutons and herbs.

Bon Appetit!

The classic recipe for mincemeat.


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