The cake in the pan.

The cake in the pan.

The cake in the pan.

The composition of the recipe.

For the dough:

Condensed milk - 1 ban.
Egg - 1 pc,
Hydrated vinegar soda - 1 ch. L.
Flour - 450-470, the.

For the cream:

Milk - 500 ml;
Sugar - 1 stack.
Eggs - 2 pcs.
Flour - 2 stol.lozhki,
Vanilla sugar - 1 package;
Oil slivochnoe- 200 g;

You will also need a glass of walnuts for sprinkling cake.

Method of cooking: how to cook.

Pour into a bowl jar of condensed milk, to drive the egg and mix well. After adding slaked vinegar, baking soda and slowly pour the flour.

When it becomes more difficult to stir with a spoon, shift the dough on work surface and already there domeshivaem. But do not overdo it, because the dough should be soft and elastic.

Divide dough into 8 equal pieces.
From every part of the roll out cake and fork prick it in several places. Warms the pan over medium heat and fry the cake in the pan. Bake cakes very quickly, almost one minute. Each fry on both sides.

After the cut the cakes on a plate of appropriate size. A pruning needed for dusting.

Boil the cream: pour into a saucepan, add 2 eggs, flour 2 table. spoons, cups of sugar, one packet of vanilla sugar, stir everything thoroughly whisk and put on a slow fire. Cook, stirring, until thickened. Add the hot cream is added and stirred.

All cakes alternately lubricates cream, superimposing one on the other.
Then the top and sides of cake are also well lubricated.

Grind into crumbs cutting cakes and crushed walnuts. Mix and sprinkle the cake.
Cakes should be given at least soak for 1 hour.

The cake in the pan.


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