The batter for donuts.

The batter for donuts.

The batter for donuts.

The batter for donuts. The secret of lush and stunningly delicious yeast donuts in his pastry. In the classic version, it is kneaded in milk, although there are interesting recipes on water or kefir.

Ingredients for the recipe:

500 g flour;
2 tbsp. water or milk;
2 eggs;
1/4 packs yeast (fresh);
1.5 tablespoons sugar;
1/2 h. L. salt;
4 tbsp. l. butter;
1 tbsp. frying (vegetable oil).

Pastry from yeast dough recipes with photos.

The method of cooking the recipe:

For donuts of the batter is best to cook sponge first. It is very easy to do, but you will be sure that the donuts are great.

Fresh (compressed) yeast and lightly sprinkle them with sugar, which will accelerate the process of dissolution of the yeast. Then mix with yeast milk and then immediately pour them into sifted flour. Batter Mix, loosely cover, and then remove not cold in a draft-free place for ripening. On average, it will need about forty minutes.

Butter dissolve and combine with eggs, sugar and salt. The mixture is poured into the approaching sponge. All knead well and let rise again. Enlarge dough should double. The first sign of the maturation of the test is recognized by his fall off.

Therefore, it is necessary to immediately start frying donuts.
The heated until the light smoke of frying oil gently put a tablespoon of dough. Fry donuts should be on medium heat. Donuts obtained lush and delicious.

The batter for donuts.


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