Tenderness for dessert.

Tenderness for dessert.

Tenderness for dessert.

Peach tartlets with Italian meringue.

Merengi are two ingredients and a lot of rules. The process of cooking is like magic, but it can be learned.



• 3 glasses of flour;
• 10 g of baking powder;
• 1 cup of sugar;
• 180 g of butter;
• 2 eggs.


• 350 g of cream cheese or cottage cheese;
• 5 eggs;
• 250 g of sugar;
• 350 g of canned peach;
• 3 proteins;
• 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar;
• 95 ml of water.

Tenderness for dessert.


Mix the ingredients for the dough, wrap it in a film. Put in the refrigerator for an hour. Fill the molds with a test, pressing it to the bottom and the sides. Make punctures with a fork.

Bake the tartlets at 170 ° C until ready. Cool down. Blender eggs with 100 g of sugar blender. Add the cheese. Beat until smooth.
Cream fill the tartlets by two thirds. Top with a can of peach.

For the preparation of meringue:

Whip the whites. Gradually add the powdered sugar, until the stable peaks. In parallel, cook the syrup from the remaining sugar and water. Hot syrup pour a thin trickle into the squirrels. Continue to beat.

Decorate the tartlets with whipped whites. Put for 1-2 minutes in the oven under the grill to merenga brown.

About meringues.

For the right to be called the birthplace of merengue, France and Switzerland are actively arguing. Italy just considers its version of dessert the best.

The geographical principle and underlies the division into the ways of preparing meringues - French, Italian and Swiss.

The French prepare the protein mass simply: whip the proteins with sugar powder to a state where it perfectly holds the shape. Merenges according to the French recipe are gentle and airy. But they are suitable only for cakes of simple form or can be used as a basis for baking.

Italians instead of sugar add thick hot sugar syrup. It turns out a kind of custard. The cream easily mixes with butter, without losing shape. Excellent for lubricating cakes.

The most virtuosic meringue, dense and stable, is prepared according to a Swiss recipe - on a water bath.
The proteins are thus pasteurized. This means that Swiss meringues can be used without further heat treatment.
From increased in the bulk of a thick protein mass, interlayers for cakes, fantasy cookies and ornate patterns on cakes are obtained.

Tenderness for dessert.

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