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Seafood dishes.

Seafood dishes..

Salad with smoked squid. Seafood dishes. Make a real culinary discovery. Prepare a salad with  squid. This spicy and original dish will surprise you. The main thing is the speed of cooking, an uncomplicated set of ingredients. And also a delicate and pleasant taste. Seafood dishes. Make a salad with smoked squid! You will certainly impress […]

Stuffed squid.

Stuffed squid.

Stuffed squid. Healthy snacks for adults.  Stuffed squid. Very hearty and tasty dish for lovers of seafood, which is especially important during the winter holidays. NEED: Kalmar - 2 carcass; Rice - 1/2 Art.; Onions - 1 pc.; Garlic - 1 clove; Black olives, pitted - 6 pcs.; 1/2 pod red sweet pepper; 1/2 table. […]

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