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Belgian pastries.

Belgian pastries.

Belgian pastries. Belgian pastries. INGREDIENTS Dark chocolate - 255 g. Butter - 240 g. Chicken egg - 5 pieces. Sugar - 1.3 cups. Wheat flour - 3 tablespoons. COOKING INSTRUCTIONS 1. Break the chocolate into small pieces and transfer to a bowl with 1 cup of butter. Place in a water bath and melt. Stir […]

Queen Victoria’s Cake.

Queen Victoria's Cake.

Queen Victoria's Cake. Sponge cakes of the cake features a crumbly texture. Traditionally, they are flavored with vanilla and jam sandwiches. If desired, add the whipped cream  and butter cream with fresh berries. We will need these ingredients: 175 g butter (at room temperature) 175 g of finely crystalline sugar 3 eggs (grind) 175 g flour […]

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