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Cakes Paris — Brest.

Cakes Paris - Brest.

French cuisine. Cakes Paris - Brest. Cakes Paris - Brest. This recipe uses almond pasta with vanilla cream as a filling. I think the classic recipe is very successful and it can be adapted depending on the season. Spring version can be a light vanilla cream with fresh berries. The top part of these cakes […]

Curd cake with berries.

Curd cake with berries

Curd cake with berries. This cheesecake - the elder brother of American cheesecake, only a native of Germany. Due to the almost non-fat cottage cheese pastries such turns tender. Curd can be put on the traditional thin shortcake or a base of crushed cookies, for cheesecake. Suitable not only berries, but also lemon vanilla flavoring […]

Yeast cake with chocolate.

Yeast cake with chocolate.

Yeast cake with chocolate. Puff pastry yeast in Europe called the Danish baking. Yeast cake with chocolate. What a pleasure to eat a piece of such a product with a hot cup of coffee in the morning! About the feeling of hunger before lunch you will not remember. Yeast cake with chocolate. We will need these […]

Cookies royally.

Cookies royally.

Cookies royally. How to cook recipe Cookies "royally". Cookies "royally" low-calorie. 1 serving Calories: 65 kcal. Simple recipes delicious cookies at home. Ingredients: 350 grams of flour for the dough; 200 grams of butter for the dough; 1 PC. egg dough; 250 grams of sugar dough; 4.1 h. L. salt dough; 3 tbsp. l. cocoa […]

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