Sour cream chocolate.

Sour cream chocolate.

Sour cream chocolate.

Chocolate cake recipe. Pleasant chocolate taste, moderately sweet. A gentle consistency is a delicate and airy chocolate sour cream. Write down the recipe and enjoy the chocolate flavor of a wonderful dessert.

Smetannik is a delicious dessert, which is prepared on the basis of sour cream. There are many options for preparing it. Today I propose to try a sour cream on the basis of semolina.

The recipe does not take much time. The cooking technology is very simple, and the mass is fun. If you do not have time to bake complex cakes, then this product will help you very much.

Products for sour cream are used available. They are in every house. Culinary skills here are not needed. The result will definitely make you happy.

Chocolate cake recipe. 

There are a lot of variants of sour cream recipes. Today I'll tell you how to cook it with the addition of chocolate. Chocolate dessert has a delicate chocolate taste.

A delightful scent. In addition, thanks to the use of semolina in the recipe, the product rises well and is baked. Unlike baking based on wheat flour.

Ready cake can be served in its own form. Decorate with cocoa powder or powdered sugar. And you can cut it along in half. Interlace with air cream, which is also prepared based on sour cream. Then you get a real confectioner's delicious cake.

Caloric content per 100 g is 252 kcal.
Number of servings - 1 pie
Preparation time - 1 hour 30 minutes.


Semolina - 150 g
Sugar - 5 tablespoons. or to taste
Sour cream 250 liters
Powder of cocoa - 2 tbsp.
Eggs - 3 pieces.
Baking soda - 1 tsp. without top

Step-by-step preparation of chocolate sour cream:

1. Connect semolina with sour cream and mix well. It is necessary that the groats are completely soaked in sour cream.
2. Pour cocoa powder into the dough. Stir and leave to infuse for half an hour, so that the mancha swelled and increased in volume twice.
3. In a separate container, connect the eggs with sugar and mix well with a mixer until a lemon-colored air mass forms.
4. Connect the chocolate dough and beaten eggs. Stir well. Add soda and mix again. Soda add not one lump, but spray it over the whole mass. Add to the dough it should be the last one very much before baking.
5. Lubricate the baking dish with butter and pour the dough. The shape can be different: a glass, ceramic or conventional cast iron pan without a handle. Also, the product can be baked in small portions for muffins.
6. Heat the oven to 180 degrees and bake the sour cream for 40 minutes. Readiness should be checked with a wooden stick, pierce the product, it should be dry without sticking the dough. If the dough remains on it, continue to bake the product for another 5 minutes and then check the readiness.

Cooked baked goods should be removed from the mold after cooling. in hot form it is very fragile and can break. Sprinkle it with sugar powder or, if desired, apply cream and serve to the dessert table.
See also the video recipe how to make a chocolate sour cream cake in 10 minutes.

Sour cream chocolate.



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