Soft Creamy Caramel.

Soft Creamy Caramel

Soft Creamy Caramel.

A simple recipe for soft creamy caramel, which is suitable for making cakes and desserts.
From this amount of ingredients, I got 395 grams of delicious creamy caramel.


Sugar - 170 g
Water - 30 g
Glucose - 30 g
Cream 30-36% - 200 g
Butter 82.5% - 60 g
Salt (optional) - 1 pinch

Soft Creamy Caramel

Cooking Caramel:

1. First of all, put the cream to warm up on the smallest fire, let it warm up slowly. But boil is not necessary. Cream with a fat content of 30% is suitable for making caramel. I use cream with a fat content of 35%. Before adding to sugar syrup, they should warm up well to a temperature of 90 degrees.

2. Then prepare the syrup. In a pan with a thick bottom, combine sugar, water and glucose syrup. The main purpose of using glucose is to prevent sugar crystallization. It can be replaced with invert syrup or liquid honey. If replaced with honey, then the caramel will have a light honey flavor.

3. Put the pan on medium heat and cook the syrup until it is a beautiful amber-brown color. You do not need to mix. We carefully monitor that sugar syrup does not burn, otherwise the prepared caramel will be bitter.

4. The syrup should reach 165 degrees. Remove the pan with the finished syrup from the stove and transfer to the board. Next, we act without delay, as the caramel continues to cook.

5. Pour hot fat cream in small portions, mixing well after each addition. Be careful not to get burned!

6. When the mixture has calmed down, optionally add salt and mix (this is not an obligatory ingredient, you can not add it).

7. Cool the caramel to 40-45 degrees, the butter will be added to the cooled caramel. Oil must be removed from the refrigerator in advance and allowed to warm, it must be of good quality and at least 82% fat.

8. When the caramel has cooled to the desired temperature, add soft butter and mix well until smooth.

9. If desired, vanilla or vanillin seeds can be added to caramel.

Soft Creamy Caramel

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