Snack cake.

Snack cake.

Snack cake.

Snack cake made from pita bread. Conquer all with his own taste.

It's easy and simple to make a pita cake made from pita bread according to this recipe. Conquer your taste absolutely all. It turns out to be incredibly appetizing. Top soft and soft pita bread. Inside - juicy, fragrant, satisfying filling.

A really summer dish. Sweet Bulgarian peppers, onions, low-calorie chicken breast - but, at the same time, nourishing. One piece of pie is enough to not feel hungry for a long time. Be sure to try. Your home will say thank you.

Necessary ingredients.

• sheets of thin lavash (to make 6 circles 26 cm in diameter);
• 300 grams of boiled or fried chicken breast;
• rugged hard cheese - 300 grams;
• two sweet Bulgarian peppers (better than different colors);
• one head of onions;
• salt - one teaspoon;
• ½ teaspoon of salt;
• ground garlic - one teaspoon;
• refined vegetable oil - for frying;
• some sour cream or mayonnaise.

How to cook a cake made from pita bread.

1. Make the filling. We peel the cleaned onion with half-rings of medium thickness.

2. Boiled or fried chicken breast cut into large pieces.

3. Red and green sweet Bulgarian peppers are cleaned. We cut along into 4 parts. Then, each half cut into strips (across) a width of 5-6 millimeters.

4. Pour the vegetable oil on the heated frying pan. It is best to use fragrant home-made oil. We put onions. Fry it for a couple of minutes.

5. Add the Bulgarian pepper to the onions. Stirring. Fry for another three minutes.

6. We spread to the vegetables chicken meat. Stirring. Solim and pepper to taste. Add the dried garlic. We all together for one more minute. The filling is ready.

7. Form the pie. From thin lavash we carve circles with a diameter of 26 cm (since my shape is 24 cm in diameter). You are guided by the size of your form.

8. I will bake in a cake mold (with a ledge in the middle). It will be necessary to cut the middle in pita bread. We take special round forms for baking. We cut out the middle in pita bread. Two large sheets, the next two sheets are of medium size, two sheets have a small diameter.

9. Cut the plates of cheese in half.

10. Lubricate the form with vegetable oil or a special non-stick emulsion. We spread the first sheet of pita bread. We spread on the surface of the plate of cheese (overlap).

11. Cover with a second sheet of pita bread. Spread half the filling. We distribute it.

12. Repeat the layers: pita bread, cheese, lavash, stuffing, lavash, cheese.

13. From above, we cover everything with one more sheet of lavash (last). We send it to the oven, heated up to 180 degrees, for 20 minutes.

14. We take out of the oven. Cover with a plate. We turn around. Shape the form.

15. We also grease the hot pie on top and on the sides with sour cream (or mayonnaise) to soften it.

16. Council. How to make a tasty and thick homemade mayonnaise in 30 seconds, look on our website.

The original lavash pie snack will become a real decoration of any table: both festive and everyday. It is prepared surprisingly quickly and simply (describe the recipe longer), but it turns out to be appetizing and satisfying.

Snack cake.



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