Simple dessert recipes.

Simple dessert recipes.

Simple dessert recipes.

A gentle honey-creamer with creamy cream.


For biscuit:

Flour 150 g
Sugar 100 g
Honey 100 g
Eggs 3 pieces.
Soda 1 tsp

For syrup:

Water 100 ml
Honey 1 tsp

For cream:
Condensed milk 300 g
Cream 33-35% 300 ml

Simple dessert recipes.


1. Beat the egg with eggs at room temperature with sugar in a lush foam. Honey put on a steam bath and pour soda into it.

Stirring honey with a spoon, it is necessary to achieve a light, viscous consistency. Stirring the eggs, they should be combined with honey, gently and slowly introducing hot honey on a teaspoon.

2. Then gradually add flour to this lush mass, stirring with a spatula or a whisk so as not to break the structure of the air test.

Shape the biscuit with oil and pour the dough. To the biscuit did not climb a hill during baking, you need to turn the spoon clockwise the dough by forming a shallow funnel.

3. Bake for 40 minutes at 180 degrees. The golden sponge cake should be cooled and cut along into 3 parts. Then grease each part with syrup, top with whipped cream.

Medovik with cream cream will be juicier if it is soaked for several hours, but the consistency of the biscuit is such that the cake immediately turns tender and juicy.

Simple dessert recipes.


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