Simple breakfast recipes.

Simple breakfast recipes.

Simple breakfast recipes.

Cheese sticks of pita bread for 5 minutes.

This recipe is sure to please all cheese lovers. Cheese sticks - a simple, but very tasty snack. One of their undeniable advantages is the extraordinary simplicity of cooking.


Lavash - 1 pc
Eggs - 2 pieces
Garlic cloves - 2 pcs.
Dill - 5 g
Cheese - 150 g

Simple breakfast recipes.


We rub the curds and beat the eggs well. Garlic must be ground, and dill finely chopped.

Lavash cut into strips (length 8-10cm, width 10-12cm).

Then we take a strip of pita bread, put a little cheese on it, a little garlic, sprinkle it with greens and carefully fold the strip into a roll.

The resulting sticks dipped in the egg and fry in oil on both sides until they get a roasted golden color. Serve with greenery and yogurt.

Simple breakfast recipes.


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