Seafood dishes.

Seafood dishes..

Salad with smoked squid. Seafood dishes.

Make a real culinary discovery. Prepare a salad with  squid. This spicy and original dish will surprise you. The main thing is the speed of cooking, an uncomplicated set of ingredients. And also a delicate and pleasant taste.

Seafood dishes.

Make a salad with smoked squid! You will certainly impress all members of your family. After all, you will use simple products. You can cook a truly unusual and fragrant snack, which will have to taste for each of the household.

A step-by-step recipe for cooking.

Before you start preparing a tasty and fragrant snack, you need to prepare the following products:

Squid smoked (fillets) - about 120 g;
fresh cucumbers (not very large) - 2 pcs .;
potatoes are not large - 3 pcs .;
red onion - 1 small head;
eggs chicken medium - 3 pcs .;
mayonnaise (preferably sour cream) - 5-7 large spoons;
pepper ground black and sea salt - use at discretion.

Preparing the components.

Salad from squid is done quickly enough. Recipes of this kind should be present in the culinary books of all the housewives.

But, before you start preparing this snack, you should prepare all the ingredients.

Smoked squid fillets are rinsed. Clear of unnecessary elements (if necessary). Then they cut with straw.

Similarly, and with fresh cucumbers. As for medium-sized potatoes and chicken eggs, they are boiled, cleaned and cut into cubes.

In the last turn the red onion is ground.

The process of salad formation with squid.

How to form a salad of squid?
Recipes for such snacks include the use of deep dishes.
It is alternately laid out: smoked squid, fresh cucumber, red onion, chicken eggs and boiled potatoes.

After that all the ingredients are flavored with spices and fat mayonnaise. Finally, the ingredients are mixed well with a large spoon.

Seafood dishes.

Cheese salad with seafood.

We offer one more holiday recipe. The food from fresh squid, although it turns tender and mouth-watering, but its preparation takes a lot of time. After all, you must first rinse, then clean and boil seafood. And with smoked squids everything is much easier - cut them and mix them with the rest of the dish.


• 200 grams of ham
• smoked squid - 320 grams
• 250 grams of hard cheese
• five boiled eggs
• two onions
• mayonnaise and salt - all to taste
• two tomatoes.

Cooking method:

While cooking eggs, remove the ham from the top shell and chop it with straw. Grate the cheese on grater.

With seafood pour out excess liquid. Then cut them into thin strips.

Choose ripe, but strong tomatoes - these vegetables are very juicy, so you will not spoil the dish. Chop the tomatoes into cubes, and the peeled onion with medium half rings.

When the eggs are ready, cool them in cold water. Clean and grate on a medium grater. Sprinkle the salad with seasonings, salt and pour mayonnaise.

We hope these recipes will make your life more delicious. Prepare, experiment, and salads with squid will not tire you to rejoice.

Seafood dishes..

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