Scrambled eggs with bacon.

Scrambled eggs with bacon.

Scrambled eggs with bacon.

It is usually assumed that the omelette cooked in the Middle East in ancient times. Scrambled eggs with bacon. Beat eggs mixed with chopped herbs, roasted until tender, and then cut into pieces.

Apparently, this is the dish made its way from the Middle East and North Africa to Western Europe, and in every country the original recipe adapted on their own, getting dishes such as frittata Italian, Spanish or French Omelette Tortiya.


2 eggs,
1 tbsp. l. natural yoghurt,
1 clove garlic,
a tomato,
green onions.

How to cook:

1. Cut the bacon and garlic clove. Garlic can narezt big, or whatever you prefer.

2. In a preheated pan, without oil, spread the bacon and garlic, fry over medium heat.

3. While the roasted bacon, whisk the eggs with the yogurt.

4. Wait until the bacon is well browned.

5. Pour into the pan whipped eggs with yogurt. Salt, pepper. Bates heat to low.

6. On top lay sliced rings tomatoes and sprinkle with green onions. Cover with lid and cook about 3-5 minutes. The main thing is not to overcook, so that the omelet was tender and air.

7. All! In just 10 minutes a delicious and healthy breakfast is ready. Omelet was very gentle, due to the addition of a yogurt instead of milk, as in the classic version.

Scrambled eggs with bacon.


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