Schnitzel in an old-fashioned manner.

Schnitzel in an old-fashioned manner.

Schnitzel in an old-fashioned manner.

Today I want to introduce you to one German recipe for the simple preparation of delicious and juicy pork schnitzels.

This is a very tasty dish, the meat is amazingly tender with a hint of horseradish and mustard. Crisp on the outside and juicy meat on the inside. Try it !!!


Pork - 0.5 kg
Vegetable oil - 50 ml.
Hard cheese (grated) - 4 tbsp. l
Breadcrumbs - 4 tbsp. l
Horseradish - 4 tsp.
Egg - 1 pc.
Mustard - 4 tsp.

Step by step recipe.

We cut the meat into schnitzels. And slightly beat off.
Salt, season with ground nutmeg. Then we coat one side of the schnitzel with mustard the other horseradish. We give them so little rest, about 15-20 minutes will be quite enough.

Next, dip the schnitzels in a beaten egg and breadcrumbs.
We spread the meat in a heated pan with vegetable oil. Fry on each side until golden brown.

We add ready-made schnitzels in the old Bobar style to the form and sprinkle with cheese on top. We put in the oven for 15 minutes at a temperature of 190 degrees.

Serve with pickles. Oh and delicious it turned out !!! Try it yourself!

Schnitzel in an old-fashioned manner.


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