Sausage cookies for tea.

Sausage cookies for tea.

Sausage cookies for tea.

Sausage cookies for tea. Easy desserts. The most favorite treat from childhood is the sweet chocolate sausage with cookies, which was prepared by our grandmother. Perpetual recipe!


Cookies - 300 g
Sugar - 50 g
Cocoa - 50 g
Milk - 5 tablespoons.
Butter - 180 g
Egg of chicken - 1 pc.
Nuts - 50 g.

Sausage cookies for tea.

Cooking process.

The most favorite delicacy from childhood is the chocolate sausage with the cookies that our grandmother prepared for us. How we loved this sausage!

The recipe on which I cook - grandmother, was recorded by me a long time ago, when I was still a schoolgirl.

I invite you to taste delicious chocolate sausage from a biscuit, as in childhood. Take the products on the list. You can add cedar to walnuts.

The egg is razratem with sugar.
Cocoa stir with milk. This is done so that there are no lumps.

We combine both mixtures, a smooth mass is obtained.
Pour the chocolate mass into the melted butter.

We mix the butter with the chocolate mixture, let's cool a little. In the meantime, the cookies will be broken by hands into small pieces, about a centimeter in length. This work was trusted by us, the children, and we liked it very much.

Nuts chopped with a knife. Of course, now there are a lot of kitchen helpers who will crush both cookies and nuts in a second.

But when we were young, our mothers and grandmothers did it with their hands. And in these pieces the most beauty and deliciousness!

Fill the chocolate mixture with cookies and nuts, mix well.
Let's cut off 25 centimeters of parchment, lay out the mixture with a spoon.

Grandmother did not throw away the parchment from the packages of cookies, she took care for such cases, because it was not easy to buy parchment. And we had small sausages, according to the size of the paper)))

We turn the near edge of the paper and, sealing our hands, roll the sausage. The ends of paper are twisted in different directions and, gently twirling, we will form a tight bar. I got 4 sausages about 15 cm.

We'll send the sausages to the freezer for at least an hour, or better - for 2-3 hours. Sausage from cookies, as in childhood, ready!

Pour tea or coffee and call relatives to treat themselves to a wonderful dessert. Sausage can be cut through paper, or you can unwrap it. Great taste and beautiful slices will not leave anyone indifferent!

Of course, a knife and fork will not be needed, it's just a joke, the delicacy simply melts in your mouth! Enjoy your health and treat your children, we will continue the tradition!

Sausage cookies for tea.



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