Salat  Zakusochny.

Salat Zakusochny.

Salat  Zakusochny.

Salads are simple and delicious recipes.

Salat Zakusochny. In large salted cucumbers, the skin and the core are removed.

Ingredients Salat Zakusochny.

150 grams - sauerkraut
150 grams - pickled mushrooms
2 pcs. - Salted cucumber
1 clove - garlic
25 grams - vegetable oil
parsley for decoration.

Instructions Salat Zakusochny.

Calorie 1 serving 48 kkal.

Salat Zakusochny.

1. Rinse the pickled mushrooms. Leave a few pieces for the ornaments. The rest is cut into 4 parts.

2. Wash salted cucumber with cold water. Split along two parts. Shred.

3. Quench the cabbage from the brine. Cut in small pieces. Garlic clean and finely chop.

4. Prepared ingredients are laid out in a deep dish. Salt and season with vegetable oil. Stir, lay it on the serving dish. Garnish with whole mushrooms and parsley. Can be served to the table.

Salat Zakusochny.

Salad from the Peking cabbage.

If you are tired of salads with harmful mayonnaise or you decide to go on a diet. This salad recipe with Peking cabbage is just for you. In this salad, a lot of vitamins. Due to the absence of mayonnaise, it becomes even more useful and less caloric. So it is especially pleasant for people who are watching their weight.

You can prepare this salad on a regular day or evening, and for a festive dinner. The recipe for a salad from Peking cabbage is already in front of you.

We need the following ingredients:
• Peking cabbage - 1 head of medium size;
• Fresh cucumber - 1 large cucumber or 2 small cucumber;
• Bulgarian pepper - 1 piece;
• Sesame - 2 tablespoons;
• Olive oil.

Method of preparation, how to prepare:
1. Start by rinsing all the vegetables.

2. Sesame fry in a pan with a small amount of olive oil. Fry it for about 2 minutes.

3. Pork cabbage thinly chop.

4. Cut the cucumber into thin strips. If the skin of the cucumber is tough, then it is better to cut it.

5. Pepper the seeds and cut into strips.

6. Mix all the ingredients together. Season with a little olive oil. Also, for a more interesting taste, you can add 1-2 teaspoons of lemon juice. If desired, add your favorite greens (parsley, dill) to a salad.

Salat Zakusochny.



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