Salad with white cabbage.

Salad with white cabbage.

Salad with white cabbage.

Salad with white cabbage, cucumber, ham and croutons from black bread.


Cabbage - 450 g,
Ham - 30 g,
Bread of grain - 65 g,
Sour cream - 100 ml,
Cucumber - 100 g,
Salt, pepper - to taste.

Salad with white cabbage.

Cooking process:

This salad with cabbage, ham and croutons can be made from any, let's say, cabbage cabbage. From white or red-colored - no difference, but it is desirable that both of them be taken by young people.

Now here's the first cabbage of this year - I make from it. In winter it is necessary to take either cabbage with a sharp top, or, on the contrary, much flattened - those leaves are more delicate than the usual round white-fronted, they are suitable and winter.

What, in general, is a salad good with cabbage, ham and croutons? I apply it when my husband suddenly comes to mind to sit down on an unloading diet. He prefers low-carbohydrate, so it requires salads, whole grain bread and meat.

But I know him, low-calorie salads from some cucumbers and tomatoes and lettuce leaves, he does not eat with unaccustomed, and then he walks and gets angry, and everything is not so and not for him. Here, from time to time, this salad comes to my aid with cabbage, ham and croutons.

Suhariki, of course, whole-grain! By the way, the darker the bread, the more delicious, the gray is not so delicious. In addition to crackers there are many, many cabbages, it is coarse-fiber and low-calorie. And very well stuffed the stomach.

And the ham - it serves as a wonderful deceit for our senses! Her in this salad with cabbage, ham and croutons - a clean minuscule, only 5%! But for the body in perception, there is still a difference, it only took one cabbage with a cucumber, or there was a bit of a meat.

The body with ham likes it more, it feels more full. In general, ham is a seasoning, it is for enriching the taste and in order to burn taste analyzers.

Now - why in a salad is a ham, and not a sausage, say. It is important! Because the same ham that you see has only 100 calories per 100 g of product. She is the absolute champion among low-calorie meat products.

To summarize, I make this salad with cabbage, ham and croutons, so that my husband and I are full, and my nerves are intact.

Salad with white cabbage.


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