Salad with pear and nuts.

Salad with pear and nuts.

Salad with pear and nuts.

Salad with pear and nuts. Simple, quick to prepare and very high-calorie dish for strict fasting days.

Such a salad with pear and nuts is ideal for strict days of fasting, when food should be eaten vegetable oil. It can be used in the post as a breakfast, and as a main meal.

For what he categorically does not fit - this is for diets, during which someone plans to lose weight. Take a good look at the photo. You see in front of you one serving, placed in a salad bowl, right?

And you do not think that there are too many nuts and chocolate in relation to the pear? Do you know what this bowl corresponds to in calories?

Approximately a bowl of mashed potatoes from 250 g of potatoes with 100 ml of fatty milk (a solid serving of mashed potatoes!) Or 100 g of boiled ham and, let's say, plus a tomato. Because nuts are a crazy high-calorie thing! Even more calorie than chocolate. This must always be remembered!

Introducing chocolate, coconut chips and almonds, I make the recipe variant less caloric than just a salad with a pear and walnuts, because they are there - the most downhole, everything else is much less caloric.

One half of a walnut is about 3 g. Accordingly, the 20 g that I indicate are just three nuts. By volume - a little, on the energy value - on the contrary, very, very much.

And pear and orange - it's also not an apple with a lemon, you know! They're sweet! In general, be sure to remember all this, planning, preparing a salad from a pear with nuts.


Pear - 1 piece.
Walnut - 20 g
Almond - 10 g
Coconut chips - 10 g
Chocolate - 10 g
Orange - 0.5 pcs.

Step-by-step recipe:

Squeeze juice from half an orange.
The pear is cut in two, we remove the tail, the seeds and, possibly, the fibrous axis. Although the latter is useful in terms of gross fiber.

We cut a pear or a semicircle, or quarters, if it is thick (I was narrow and long).

Thoroughly mix the pear with orange juice so that it does not oxidize and darken.
If you use chocolate, chop it.
We connect all the components, stir.
Salad with pear and nuts is ready!

Salad with pear and nuts.

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