Salad recipe with tuna.

Salad recipe with tuna.

Salad recipe with tuna.

Salad recipe with tuna and tomatoes under honey-mustard dressing.

On the eve of the holiday, we decided that the next salad will not be superfluous in your piggy bank of tasty and useful recipes.

It would be desirable, that the salad was easy, gentle, spring, original, elegant and invariably tasty.

That is why we offer your attention a salad recipe with tuna and tomatoes under spicy dressing and without mayonnaise, and besides, it is prepared very simply, and the view on the table is simply amazing! Your guests will definitely like this original salad!

If desired, such a salad can be beautifully decorated on a wide dish, or you can prepare tartlets with a filling and serve on the table portionwise.

We will need the following ingredients: 

• 240 g of canned tuna in oil (or pink salmon, saury, etc.),
• 2 tomatoes,
• 2 potatoes,
• 1 bunch of salad,
• 100 g of canned olives,
• 1 tbsp. Spoons of mustard,
• 1 teaspoon of honey,
• 2 tbsp. Spoons of vegetable oil,
• 0.5 lemon,
• black ground pepper to taste,
• Salt to taste.

Method of preparation, how to cook: Salad: recipe with tuna.

Potatoes broth in a uniform, cool, clean and rub on a large grater. Tomatoes cut into small slices.
Olive cut into rings. Canned tuna carefully chop the fork.

Prepare a dressing for a salad. To do this, squeeze out the juice from the lemon (about 2 tablespoons), mix it with vegetable oil, honey and mustard. Ambassador, pepper and mix thoroughly.

Lay the leaves of the salad on the dish.
On the salad, lay out the potatoes, slightly salting and margins with fish oil. Then lay out the fish, on top - tomatoes and olives. Fields of dressing.

Spring salad of tuna and tomatoes is ready.

Bon Appetit!

Salad recipe with tuna.

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