Salad «Carmen».

Salad "Carmen".

Salad "Carmen".

Want to surprise the guests with a very interesting and tasty salad "Carmen" with chicken, ham and croutons? Salad "Carmen". Today, I prepared for you a step-by-step recipe with a photo of the Carmen salad. "Carmen" salad with chicken, ham and croutons, is prepared quite quickly, literally half an hour, and everything is ready!

Therefore, if even the guests suddenly came to see you, then you will be able to surprise them with a Carmen salad with chicken. The main question here will arise in another. Will there be all the necessary products in your fridge for Carmen salad with croutons?


200 g - chicken;
150 grams - Ham;
250 grams - tomatoes;
100 grams - Croutons;
200 grams - mayonnaise;
15 grams - Adzhika;
10 grams - garlic;
vegetable oil for frying.


Preparation of the recipe for salad "Carmen"

1. Cut all the products into slabs.

2. Chicken fillet fry, add seasoning for chicken. Add salt at the end of cooking.

3. Fry the ham until golden brown.

4. I spread the rye bread on a baking sheet and put it in the oven. Salt and pour a little vegetable oil. Lightly fry.

5. Tomatoes should be fresh.

6. All I lay on a flat plate layers. First fried fillets. Then ½ tomato, then fried ham. I smear all the dressing (mayonnaise, adjika, garlic). Then spread the rest of the tomatoes.
From the top before serving, a bowl of toast is placed on the table.
Bon Appetit!

Salad "Carmen".

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