Rice balls.

Rice balls.

Rice balls with herbs and cheese.

Quick healthy snacks.

Rice balls. Tasty rice balls with herbs and cheese, covered with a crispy breading — simple and tasty treats like home dinner or for a festive table.

The basis for this dish is boiled rice. Other ingredients can be easily experimented depending on your taste.
For example, Dutch cheese instead of cheese with cheese or feta cheese. Instead of Provencal herbs, add parsley and dill, dried paprika flakes and so on.

Because I used crumbs, crushed crackers. But you can roll rice balls and ordinary breadcrumbs. What is most important is that they are not excessively rigid and dry.
For example, conventional croquettes, rice balls can be presented as a separate dish. Or, for example, as a side dish for meat, will be the perfect complement to pork chops or any other stew.

Ingredients for the rice balls with herbs and cheese:

1.5 cups of pre-cooked and seasoned with salt, rice.
Preferably an ordinary round rice, which is formed into balls well.
100-150g of hard cheese (grate);
Provence herbs (add to taste);
a pinch of black pepper;
3 eggs (one to rice and others — for breading);
1.5 cups of crushed crackers or dried breadcrumbs;
refined vegetable oil for frying;

Rice balls with herbs: cooking.

The large capacity spread the cooled boiled rice, add the egg, grated cheese, herbs and spices, mix the ingredients thoroughly.

In a small bowl, lightly whisk two eggs.

Crushed crackers spread in easy-to-plate obvalivaniya balls.

Since rice balls fried quite quickly, it is advisable to initially generate all of them, and then dipped in egg, roll in breadcrumbs.

After this warm up the oil in a frying pan and fry on all sides with herbs rice balls until golden surface.

The main thing for them to follow, because the balls are prepared with cheese and herbs rather quickly and may burn.

Bon Appetit!

Rice balls.


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