Recipes of Gluten Free Dessert.

Recipes of Gluten Free Dessert.

Recipes of Gluten Free Dessert.

Homemade marshmallows from apples.

Recipes of Gluten Free Dessert. Zephyr is made from fruit puree and egg whites with sugar, can be used as a sweetener honey. A simple recipe with apples and whipped cream.

Ingredients: Recipes of Gluten Free Dessert.

1 kg of apples
400 grams of sugar
300 ml. water
3 pcs. Egg white
Mint leaves
whipped cream


Cooking recipe: Recipes of Gluten Free Dessert.

Apples are washed, peeled, cut in half and remove the core, then cut into small cubes.
Pour them into the skillet or pan with a thick bottom, add water, place over medium heat, bring to a boil and cook, stirring constantly, to apples is not burnt.

When the slices are tender, remove them from the heat and using a spoon through a sieve to obtain a homogeneous mass.
Turn apples to puree can also use the blender.

While the sauce is cooled, move on to the next stage of the preparation of homemade marshmallows.
Proteins beat well and gently add the sugar, then the cold applesauce and beat a lot of, as long as it does not turn into a lush lather.

Massa immediately decomposed into molds of parchment paper, put on a baking sheet and place in a preheated 180 ° C oven for 20 minutes.
Instead, the molds can be used paper cups.

When marshmallow becomes dense, pull it from the oven and cool, not laying out of molds.

Then put the cups in hot water for 2-3 seconds, turn them over and put a marshmallow on a plate.

Before serving, decorate with homemade marshmallows mint leaves and whipped cream.
You can also pour the chocolate sweets, put fresh fruits and berries on the plate. Bon Appetit!

Recipes of Gluten Free Dessert.

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