Recipe for cream ice cream.

Recipe for cream ice cream.

Recipe for cream ice cream. A delicious dessert.

Recipe for cream ice cream. Ice cream is the most elementary and delicious way to refresh yourself in the heat. But the idea of ​​making his home seems like a real culinary challenge.

But no: the basic recipe is much simpler than any other dessert. The field for experiments is boundless. When to get out into this field, how not in the summer?

4-6 servings.
The cooking time is 1 hour (+ 10-12 hours for freezing).


• 500 ml of milk;
• 250 ml cream with 33% fat content;
• 5 egg yolks;
• 100 g of powdered sugar;
• 10 g of vanilla sugar;
• a pinch of salt.

Recipe for cream ice cream.


Whisk the yolks with sugar powder, vanilla sugar and salt until completely homogeneous.
Milk bring to a boil.

Connect the yolks and a half of the milk. Stir well and add the remaining milk. Cook over low heat. Stir constantly, until the consistency of liquid sour cream.

Allow to cool and then refrigerate in the refrigerator. With a mixer, whip the chilled cream until fluffy. Combine with the cooled milk mixture and whisk again as follows.

Place in a closed container in the freezer.
Beat every 20 minutes for the first hour.
In the next 4-5 hours - 1 time per hour.

After this, leave the ice cream to freeze for another 4-7 hours. The total time of freezing will be 10-12 hours.

To this recipe, you can add any fillers. Bearing in mind that syrups should be added before freezing. Fruits and berries - in the process, when the ice cream has already thickened, but not yet completely.

It is interesting about ice cream.

Today, ice cream is sold in all corners of the world. In different national kitchens have their own options for this dessert.

For example, in Italy, this creamy, gentle gelato.
In Japan - soft ice cream with unimaginable fillers like wasabi and ink cuttlefish.
In Turkey - dondurma with mountain orchid salep as a thickener.

But there is nothing more interesting than inventing one's own variety.
In addition to this interest, in home ice cream there is also a purely practical meaning.

In industrial production, ingredients are used that do not take into account individual dietary restrictions. At home You can get no less tasty ice cream, which at the same time is suitable to all family members.

Recipe for cream ice cream.

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