Puff pastry layers with pineapple.

Puff pastry layers with pineapple.

Puff pastry layers with pineapple.


For 6 pieces - puff pastry (finished) 300 g;
conser. pineapple rings - 6 pcs.;
chicken egg - 1 pc.;
flour - 1 tbsp. spoon (for sprinkling);
powdered sugar (if you want).

We prepare products.

We take out the dough from the freezer, unfold and put on the table, sprinkling it with flour. Leave for half an hour to defrost. Then we roll it out a bit (try to do it in one direction). Cut into squares of the same size. They should be slightly larger than pineapple rings.

We put one ring on each square. We make cuts at each corner of the square, as shown in the photo.

The resulting strips of dough from each corner are collected in the center and fixed.

We shift the puffs onto a greased baking sheet. Then gently grease them with whipped yolk (you can dilute it with a couple of drops of water). We put it quickly into the hot oven and wait for them to brown. We keep the temperature 180 degrees.

We are not far from the oven. After all, literally in 20 minutes you will need to get a baking tray. We transfer the hot pineapple puffs to a separate large plate. And in literally 5-7 minutes they can be put on the table.

Top recommend a little sprinkle with powdered sugar. Good luck to all!

Puff pastry layers with pineapple.

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