Protein salad Evening.

Protein salad Evening.

Protein salad Evening.

High protein salad "Evening": for weight loss on a diet and for drying the body.
The recipe for this salad caught my eye for a very long time, but there was no time and the opportunity to "try" it.

Briefly about the advantages of salad:

Squid - a source of protein; low-calorie (only 100 kcal per 100 grams of the finished product); contains omega 3, as well as vitamins, minerals; improves metabolic processes and is useful for muscle "growth";

Eggs are a source of protein; contains a large number of vitamins and essential amino acids; help in muscle growth; have a small amount of calories and are considered a dietary dish. Among the components is biotin, which accelerates lipid metabolism and provokes the burning of excess fat.

Protein salad "Evening"

For him you will need:

several carcasses of squid (2-3) of small size (it is better to choose peeled so as to bother less with them);

Korean carrot purchased or cooked in advance (it is better to buy / cook carrots not very sharp, but also not completely fresh);

chicken (or quail eggs - pieces 2-3 (quail can be left to decorate the salad);

1 tablespoon of red caviar (artificial) - for decoration;

1 apple - sweet and sour;

salt pepper;

low-fat thick yogurt / sour cream or home-made low-fat mayonnaise for dressing - a few tablespoons

How to cook a salad:

1. First you need to tackle the squid, as it requires preliminary defrosting and cleaning. Defrost it on the lower shelf of the refrigerator and (if it is not peeled, clean it from the skin and film).
Boil it in salted water and cut it not very large rings, so that it would be convenient then to put it on a fork and eat.

2. Boil eggs until tender and peel their peels. Only protein will be needed - cut into not very large cubes.

3. Wash the apple and also cut it into cubes or a thin straw (I prefer straws, juicier).

4. In the salad bowl, mix the squid rings, Korean carrot, apple, chopped protein, add a spoonful of caviar for color. Salt, pepper and season with dressing to taste.

How to prepare a salad dressing (as one of the options):

This is the simplest recipe for homemade mayonnaise, which is stored in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.

It consists only of natural products, and its fat content is ten times less than that of a store.

You will only need a bunch of fresh dill, a glass of natural yogurt without additives (such as Greek), mustard (not in grains) - a few spoons of tea; salt to taste;

Cooking is easy, especially if there is a blender or chopper: chop the fresh dill greens very finely, add yogurt, salt and mustard. Beat until smooth.
A delicious, natural, slightly spicy salad dressing is ready.

Protein salad Evening.

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