Prosciutto with melon.

Prosciutto with melon.

Unusually. Prosciutto with melon.

Dried pork meat.

Superb Italian appetizer - prosciutto with melon (Prosciutto e melone) or ham with melon, seduces not only an unusual combination of sweet and salty, but also intriguing temperature difference of chilled melon and relatively warm ham. Pamper yourself and your friends!

It is believed that the melon is used separately from other products. But the Italians - big fans of the experiments and to combine seemingly incongruous ingredients - a characteristic of the inhabitants of this sunny country.

Prosciutto - ham made of pork ham, grated salt. The most famous kind of prosciutto - Parma ham does not contain any other ingredients, except for sea salt.

Prosciutto is usually served to the table as a snack or as part of cold cuts before lunch or dinner. Italians love to eat bread with slices of prosciutto and grissini (breadsticks). In summer the residents of sunny Italy does not deny myself the pleasure to enjoy the prosciutto with melon (melon), and combine the ham with honey, which gives an amazing flavor of opening.

You will need:
1 cantaloupe;
150 g of prosciutto;
sprig of rosemary;
balsamic vinegar to taste.

Melon can be used any, the main condition - it should be ripe, juicy and soft.

Cochny fruit cut into pieces, and cleaned from the skin.
The resulting cut into even smaller pieces. Pieces should get about 5-6 cm long and 3-4 cm wide.
Slices sprinkled with balsamic vinegar.
On each slice of prosciutto or lay each piece wrapped in prosciutto in an envelope and place on a large plate. Do as you prefer.
This snack is perfect white or red wine.

Prosciutto with melon.


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