Potato cake — sweet recipes.

Potato cake - sweet recipes.

Potato cake - sweet recipes.

Dessert recipes simple and delicious. Potato cake - sweet recipes.

Rich relative Bun, clever daughter senseless distribution and ugly granddaughter public deficit - all this is it. Dear, dear, "potato"! Not a charming Russian cuisine dessert. And by the way, the cake "potato" can be very different.

Any recipe cake "potato" can be divided into four stages.

First, you must grind the main ingredient in solid - cookie or biscuit cutter or bagels, bread or yesterday, or buckwheat, or all together. This can be done either in a blender or grinder.

The grinding process is added to the main ingredient nonbasic - nuts, raisins, cocoa, chocolate, sugar and others. Then you mix liquid ingredients. As a rule, condensed milk, butter and some liquor - for grace.

Blended ingredients are added to stir thoroughly until homogeneous stirred them, then form the potatoes, collapsing them in some kind of sweet crumbs, conclude a half hour in the refrigerator - and all. To eat, as they say, is filed.

Here are five variations of the cake "potato" that we like more than others. Some of them are classic, others we just came up with. For all recipes proportion of acts: 750 g of solid ingredients and liquid ingredients 530-550 g. Crumbs or other loose factions take as long as necessary - to weigh this amount is difficult.

Chocolate potatoes.

Take the chocolate chip cookies, add a little shelled walnuts. Bank of sweet condensed milk, mix with melted and then cooled down with butter, add one or two tablespoons of chocolate syrup. The finished "potato" roll in cocoa powder (a rare case when it is better to take the cocoa and sugar).

Coconut potatoes.

Cookies can be taken anytime, but always bright. Suitable any angel food cake. You can add a handful of freshly grated coconut pulp (dry chips from the bag does not fit, do not even try), but this is optional.

Mix a jar of sweet condensed milk, half a tin of coconut milk (or even better coconut cream) and a little butter; add 2-3 tablespoons of coconut liqueur. The finished "potato" roll in powdered sugar.

Fruit potatoes.

Take equal quantities of oatmeal cookies and a mixture of dried apricots, dried cranberries and dried apples. Mix a jar of sweet condensed milk, a glass of apple juice and a little butter. The finished "potato" roll in crumbs oat biscuits.

Russian potato.

The main ingredient is a solid - buckwheat. Add to it the taste pine nuts and dried cranberries (with all due respect, a California native delicious dried cranberries). Yes, and a pinch of salt. Bank of sweet condensed milk, melted butter and ostuzhennoy, two spoonfuls of caramel syrup. The finished "potato" roll in fine white sugar.

Nut potatoes.

Take any cookie or biscuit to taste. Add to it a little shelled walnuts and hazelnuts. A piece of good butter, place in a saucepan, put on a slack fire. Cook, stirring constantly. The oil is first melted and then split into a transparent milk fat and whey flakes, the flakes then will fry and dark - do not worry, it should be.

Continue to stir until until oil smell nuts. Then quickly remove it from the heat and immediately pour carefully in a completely dry bowl. When the oil has cooled, mix it with the necessary amount of condensed milk. The finished "potato" roll in the fresh nut crumb.

Potato cake - sweet recipes.


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