Pork chops with mushrooms in batter.

Pork chops with mushrooms in batter.

Pork chops with mushrooms in batter.

An easy way to cook chops with mushrooms, for example with champignons, although you can also use oyster mushrooms (those mushrooms that are easy to buy in a store, supermarket).

Such a dish is a mix of several ingredients, and a very successful one! It can be served with pasta or mashed potatoes, vegetable salads, or you can take it with you to work or on a trip.

Remember that the batter must be very thick or it won't stick to the chops. Do not cut the mushrooms coarsely, fine slices are better. Optionally, you can add sliced ​​green onions to the batter, if your children are not against it.


Champignons - 150 g
Pork (tenderloin) - 350 g
Chicken egg - 2 pcs.
Wheat flour - 4 tablespoons
Salt - 2-3 pinches
Ground black pepper - 2 pinches
Vegetable oil - 60 ml

Step by step recipe

Use the ingredients you need to make the Batter Mushroom Pork Chops.

Create a batter by driving chicken eggs into a deep container, adding wheat flour, salt and ground black pepper there. I do not add milk, water, or sour cream. Whisk all the contents, being careful not to form lumps.

Rinse the champignons in water to remove dirt and dust, cut them into small cubes and stir in the prepared batter. Let me remind you once again that the batter should be thick!

Rinse and dry pork with paper towels and towels. Cut into slices no more than 1 cm thick and beat with a hammer on both sides.

Dip each broken piece in the batter on all sides. Heat vegetable oil in a skillet and place the pork slices in it. After you lay out and brown one side of the chops, add a little batter to the top of the piece, but not much, otherwise it will fall off after frying, it will not stick to the meat! Fry pork chops with mushrooms in batter for about 2-3 minutes.

Then gently turn the chops to the other side, reduce the heat and fry for another 3-4 minutes under the lid so that the meat cooks under the batter and does not remain damp.

Thus, fry the rest of the workpieces. Put ready-made chops on a plate and serve hot with various sauces, side dishes. Enjoy it!

Pork chops with mushrooms in batter.

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