Pomegranate Liquor.

Pomegranate Liquor.

Pomegranate Liquor.

Pomegranate Liquor. I'm a big lover of liquors. Often I cook them at home. For some time, my most important favorite was a pomegranate liqueur.

Despite the fact that this fruit is not local, it only needs a couple of pieces to make a liqueur. Therefore, I can not even say that this liqueur is an expensive treat.

The liquor turns out to be rich, bright, fragrant and very gentle, with the presence of a slight astringency inherent in the grenade.

For the preparation of pomegranate liquor we will need: grenades, sugar, vodka and a few days of patience.


Grenades - 500 g
Sugar - 300 g
Vodka - 500 ml

Pomegranate Liquor.

Step-by-step recipe:

First, we'll get all the grains from the pomegranates.
Take the glass 2-liter jar. Let's pour the grenade seeds into it.
Let's add sugar.
Let's all drink vodka.

We close the can with a lid. We send this very bank for 10 days to a dark (it's important) cool place. Every day, shake the jar. To sugar quickly dissolved.

After 10 days, open the jar. Filter its contents through a strainer, putting in it a folded in several layers of gauze.

Ready-made pomegranate liquor is bottled in bottles or decanters. Enjoy the liquor. We drink it in small doses and slowly, stretching pleasure.
This glass of liquor for you, a lover of "female" drinks.

Pomegranate Liquor.

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