Pina Colada cake.

Pina Colada cake.

Pina Colada cake.

Pina Colada cake. You may have heard about the Caribbean cocktail Pina Colada, and so, this is the dessert of the same name with coconut milk cream, but without alcohol.

Delicate cakes with coconut flavor. They owe their name to the famous cocktail Pina Colada, which consists of white rum with the addition of coconut milk and pineapple juice. Of course, a cocktail can also be prepared for a festive table, but now we are talking about a dessert for the holiday.

Since the children will most likely eat the dessert, we will make it without alcohol, but be sure to make a custard with coconut milk and decorate the cakes with pineapple slices.

Believe me, the cake turns out to be very tender and fragrant, the main thing is to buy good coconut milk.

Puff pastry blanks can be baked in advance, you can also make a cream the day before the holiday, and collect the cake before serving, although in the final form, the cakes are well stored in the refrigerator.

So, let's prepare all the products for the Pina Colada cakes. If necessary, you can replace 4 quail eggs with one small chicken. From this amount of products, I got 8 cakes.


Puff yeast-free dough - 300 g
Coconut milk - 300 ml
Sugar - 55 g
Quail eggs - 4 pcs.
Flour - 12 g
Canned Pineapple - 3 rings
Butter - for lubricating molds

Step by step recipe

It's best to make a custard with coconut milk first. Mix eggs with sugar and flour. Combine everything until smooth.

Heat the coconut milk to a boil. Pour some milk into a mixture of eggs, sugar and flour, stir. Now pour this mixture into heated milk and cook over low heat, stirring constantly with a spoon.

We brew the cream until thickened, if you wish, you can add a little coconut to it, but this is not necessary in this recipe. I wanted to do this to enhance the flavor of the coconut.

Cover the finished cream with cling film and leave it alone until it cools completely. In the meantime, it cools down, make baskets from puff pastry. Defrost it in advance, roll out the dough on a floured surface and cut it into squares, taking into account the size of the molds. Lubricate the molds with oil.

Put a square of dough in a mold, on top of the square - parchment and a weight. Beans or some other cereal can serve as a weight, for me - rice. It is better to chop the dough in tins with a fork.

We put in an oven preheated to 180 degrees and bake until light golden brown.

We remove the paper with a weight, and leave the cakes in the tins until they cool completely, because if you take them out hot, they can lose their shape. While the cakes are cooling, remove the pineapple rings from the jar and let the juice drain completely. We don't need juice, but only the fruit itself. Cut the pineapple rings into slices.

Put coconut custard in puff pastry baskets and garnish with canned pineapple slices on top. Pina Colada cakes are ready!

Pina Colada cake.

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