Pan fried hamburgers.

Pan fried hamburgers.

Pan fried hamburgers.

Pan fried hamburgers. Fried patties with cottage cheese in a frying pan.

I suggest frying puffy pies from yeast dough with curd in a frying pan. Pan fried hamburgersIt's so delicious that you will definitely like it!
Fried pies are a very high-calorie dish, but sometimes you can indulge in them. Prepare them from a variety of dough, more often - from yeast.

Cottage cheese stuffing for pies is also prepared according to different recipes, it can be salty or sweet. In the sweet filling, additives such as vanillin, raisins, dried apricots, lemon peel are used, and in the salty greens, onions, garlic, spices. For the filling it is better to use homemade grainy cottage cheese. Then the filling will not be dry.

This recipe produces gentle and lavish patties. When frying, the dough increases well in volume. Vanilla aroma perfectly complements the sweet curd filling.



Wheat Flour - 900 g
Milk - 500 ml
Sugar - 4 tbsp.
Dry fast-acting yeast - 2 tsp.
Egg of chicken - 2 pcs.
Butter - 60 g
Vegetable oil - 1 tbsp.
Salt - 1 tsp.


Curd fat content is not less than 9% - 500 g
Vanilla sugar - 10 g
Egg of chicken - 1 pc.
Sugar - 60 ml


Wheat flour (for dust) - if necessary
Vegetable oil (for frying) - 300 ml

Pan fried hamburgers.

Cooking process

For cooking fried pies with cottage cheese in a frying pan I take food on the list.
In a bowl I pour warm milk, add salt, sugar, eggs. I beat the ingredients with a whisk.

I add to the milk mixture sifted flour mixed with dry yeast, melted and softened butter, vegetable oil.
I knead a soft and pliable dough.
The dough is covered with a film and I let it increase in volume several times.

While the dough rises, I prepare the filling. In a bowl, combine cottage cheese, egg, plain and vanilla sugar.
Thoroughly mix the filling.
Then I spread the dough on the table, sprinkled with flour, I wash it, divide it into identical pieces.

I cover the pieces of dough with a film, I give them a rest about 10 minutes. I take one slice of dough. I roll into a flat cake.
On her spread a tablespoon of curd filling.
I connect the edges of the dough, I pat them.

Thus, I mold the remaining pies, lay them with a seam down on the table, cover with a film. I give pies a little to increase in size (it takes about 15 minutes). The first pies will be ready for the frying, and while they are grilling, the next ones will do.

In a frying pan with a high border, I pour the vegetable oil, I heat it well.
I spread the pies into a frying pan, fry first on one side.

Then, on the other, until golden and crispy crust.
Spread the patties on a napkin or paper towel so that the excess oil is absorbed.

Fried patties with cottage cheese in the frying pan were a success! At me from the specified quantity of ingredients 27-30 pies are obtained.
Enjoy your tea!

Pan fried hamburgers.


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