Oil biscuits.

Oil biscuits.

Oil biscuits.

Properly preparing oil biscuits.

There are a few golden rules that must be followed to obtain excellent cakes:
1. Biscuit dough rises well only in the preheated oven to the recommended temperature. If the latter is the cold, hard biscuit texture is obtained, and the cake can settle in the center. If the oven is too hot, in the center of the dough rises quickly and cracked, and the cake is covered with a dense crust.

2. In addition to the traditional forms, biscuit dough can be baked on baking individual portions with recesses for muffins or bread rolls, as well as a cake-shaped loaf.

We will need these ingredients:

Equal amounts by weight:

fine-grained sugar
flour (with disintegrant in proportion to said bag)
some milk.

Proposed options additives:

vanilla extract
cocoa powder
juice of a lemon or orange


round shaped cake,
Backing muffins or loaf-shaped.

Oil biscuits.

Cooking method:

1 Air biscuit texture oil depends on how much air you can put in the dough at the start whipping, and if you can keep it during the subsequent mixing, to the cake is well risen in the oven.

Until the middle of last century kicked up the dough with a wooden spoon, and if you have enough power in your hands, try this time-tested method - it does not let you down.

Be sure to allow the oil to properly soften at room temperature (do not take the soft, spreadable oil-like products such as spread - there is too much vegetable fat and water), but does not melt. Oil whipped into such a state, when the sugar has dissolved and the mass is more like whipped cream.

2 When you add the eggs, even at room temperature, there is always the risk that the mass may start to disintegrate. This is easily remedied by adding a little weight a metered amount of flour.

3 Before adding oil to rub the eggs themselves (not beating), to become more uniform and the air. All loose articles always have to sift through - this will prevent the appearance of lumps and enrich the product by air.

Enter all bulk products, as well as other additives, is gradually and gently mixing with a spoon or spatula movements upwards and sideways. Bake the biscuit dough immediately.

About the dish:

For 8 persons:
Preparation time: 10 minutes
The temperature of the oven: 180 ° C

Oil biscuits.



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