Norwegian cheese Bryunost.

Norwegian cheese Bryunost.

Norwegian cheese Bryunost.

 Cheese at home recipe.

Norwegian cheese Bryunost. The color of cooked condensed milk, caramel flavor, sweet taste sour - a must try!  This cheese is prepared as a gift for the New Year. It is necessary to wrap a piece of gift in plastic packaging. That there was no access to air. Then we put it in a beautiful box tied with a ribbon. It's nice to look at presents on the 1st of January. And of course to drink a cup of tea with cheese.

Norwegian cheese Bryunost.


1.5 liters - Home serum;
250 ml - 30 percentage cream (I took 10%, and added to it 2 tablespoons of butter).

Preparation of the recipe:

Serum was boiled for an hour, from 1.5 liters to 0.5 liters.

Periodically stir the wooden spoon to avoid burnt.

Pour in the cream. I persuade to clot. Continuously stir trying to crush mass. I pass it through a fine sieve or whip immersion blender.

To shift into a small pan, warm up, stirring constantly for 3-5 minutes.

When the mass will gather into a ball, I shift shape, I silicone. After cooling, store in the refrigerator in a tightly sealed container.

Norwegian cheese Bryunost.


How to make a hard cheese from sour cream and milk at home.

For the preparation of home-made cheese, it is best to use dairy products of domestic production. As a result, the output of the finished cheese will be much larger and will taste better. Take the fat cow's milk, pour into a comfortable saucepan with a thick bottom. Send the container to the fire. Stir, boil. In the boiling milk, pour the salt and mix immediately until dissolved. The amount of salt can be varied to your liking.

By the way, milk can be used not only cow, but also goat.

While the milk is on the stove, prepare the remaining important products. In a deep container, add thick sour cream with a large percentage of 20-30 percent. Sour cream should be fresh. For homemade sour cream, beat homemade chicken eggs. The yellow yolk, the more saturated the finished cheese. Take the whisk, hand or electric, and whisk it well.

A homogeneous sour-egg mass should be formed.

Reduce the flame of the burner to a minimum, so that the milk can hardly be heard. Constantly interfering with a small trickle, pour the egg mass into a saucepan with milk. It is better to pour the egg mass not quickly, you can even in small portions. While stirring, keep on fire.

Approximately, in the 3-4th minute, cheesy flakes of small size will start to form.

We continue from time to time to mix, approximately, 5-7 minutes. Further larger clots are formed, the serum is separated. At this stage, turn off the fire.

Prepare, in advance, a colander and gauze in several layers. Throw away the curd clots and wait 3-5 minutes to glass the whey. At this step, you can add chopped greens or any spices, at your discretion.

Collect gauze in a pouch and tie a knot from above to keep the cheese inside. Put a curd between the two boards. At the top, set the weight and leave for 5-6 hours.

You can also use an ordinary plastic box with holes at the bottom, for the outflow of whey. Tampen the curd mass, from above install the load.

Homemade cheese from sour cream and milk is ready. Keep the home product in the refrigerator for no more than three days. Bon Appetit!

Norwegian cheese Bryunost..


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